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Thinking of planting a new tree?

Careful consideration should be given to site location as well as the type of tree to be planted. A common mistake is planting too close to a house, storage shed, garage, driveway, etc… or planting trees too close to each other.

Consider the tree variety based on your situation and personal likes and dislikes. Does your situation call for a tree that enjoys full sunshine? Is your planting site wet and/or poorly drained or dry and/or well drained? Do you enjoy an evergreen, flowering or shade tree?


Thinking of relocating a tree?

Enough space must exist in order for a large and heavy truck to maneuver. Underground utilities are of major concern; therefore, all electric, gas, fiber-optic, water and phone sources are located before moving can occur. In order to remove the tree properly, there should be a distance of eight feet or more from any permanent structures.

Custom Services Available

We basket trees throughout the year and can also dig receiving holes for your next project. Pod trailering allows us to deliver up to four trees at once in certain locations.